Lisa Marie Presley is fighting to free a baby chimpanzee named after her. Elvis' daughter is urging bosses of party organizers Ed and Annette's Monkeys and More, of Chicago, Illinois to place the ape in a sanctuary.

Lisa Marie the chimp is used as a crowd-pleasing exhibit at events staged by the company, but is reportedly kept in a small cage when not "working" - prompting staff at animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to call for action. And Presley has joined the campaign to save her namesake, firing off a letter to Monkeys and More asking them to re-house the chimp.

She writes, "While it is flattering that you named her after me, it is concerning that there are reportedly some inhumane and unsafe practices that impact her well-being. PETA has asked me to become involved in asking you most humbly to please relinquish Lisa Marie to a sanctuary where she can live in comfort, peace, and the company of other chimpanzees."

"Years ago, my father also had a pet chimpanzee, and less was known then about their complex needs. Experts now tell us that the intricate bonds of a chimpanzee society are of the utmost importance to these animals. The lack of physical contact with other chimpanzees could do Lisa Marie irreparable harm."

"I urge you to seriously consider releasing Lisa Marie to a sanctuary. I would be thrilled to hear that you've allowed her to pursue a more free life as a true chimpanzee in a habitat that she could better thrive in." (ZN/WN/KL)

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