Were you a different person eleven years ago? I was. At ten years old I was getting ready for middle school, watching movies like The Terminator and bulking up on my future of nerddom with explorations into filmmaking and performing stunts with my buddies. I’ve radically changed since then, from the snot nose dare devil to a “normal” adult. For most people, who they were a decade ago is not who they are now.

Primus is an entity that hasn't changed at all though. The Les Claypool led group is still the same ambitious, eccentric, and largely bizarre phenomena they were a decade ago. It’s been eleven years since their last full length album, Antipop, but finally the funk-metal-alternative rock band's latest album is set to come out on September 12th, leaving all their fans breathless. The newest Primus album is called Green Naugahyde.

It’s really an awesome time for those aging Claypool fans. Not only has their favorite eccentric group risen from the dead with incessant touring, after numerous solo efforts from the front man, but Rolling Stone has gifted them with new music from the record. Just in time for this month’s release, RS has taken it upon themselves to bring readers the first single from the “Tommy the Cat” hit-makers latest, called “Hoinfodaman.”

Again, the Claypool incarnation hasn’t changed one bit. This song is chalk full of lewd humor, funky bass lines, and their signature style for bizarre, dark, hilarious, and weird subject matter. It is distinctly a Primus song. For instance, the lyrics contain lines like: “I used to be a pimp but now I'm hoin' for the man,” which discusses Primus’ recent climb to fame, again, now that they’ve returned to Interscope records. Could you ask for anything more?

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