Yesterday, Prince Albert of Monaco and his fiancé former swimmer Charlene Wittstock said their “I Do's” in a lavish civil ceremony in front of family members, heads of state and celebrities. Today, the grand, multi-million dollar wedding will continue with a formal church ceremony cementing the couple's union. Far from a quiet courtship, Prince Albert and Charlene's relationship has been rocked by rumors of separation, especially after the ruler was hit with a third illegitimate child paternity suit.

According to Time, French papers have been awash with stories of Charlene trying to flee the country in recent days, but apparently, none of those runaway bride whispers were enough to halt the festivities. Historically, citizens have been very weary about their princes entering into possible trainwreck unions, but the consequences and possible fallout are much more imperative this time around for Monaco.

We may think of royal families desperately trying to produce heirs as amusing dilemmas from yesteryear, but in the lavish European tax haven, the millennia old problem is still as pressing as ever. Current head of state Prince Albert has at least two children, both illegitimate, and was recently slapped with a third paternity suit. Under law, none of those kids have any claim to the throne, unless he marries one of their mothers, which he's pledged never to do. That's left the Prince's older sister Caroline as the next in line, but seeing as how she's been divorced numerous times, the general public doesn't seem thrilled with that possibility.

If all goes according to plan, the thirty-three year old, newly-minted princess should give the prince an heir, clearing up any of this succession confusion and allowing Monaco to go on about its usual business of enjoying the nicer things in life.

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