A young woman marrying an older man is hardly a new concept. In fact, history is filled with many storied leaders, famous faces and powerful tycoons wedding girls young enough to be their daughters, even granddaughters. At the height or rock star Jerry Lee Lewis’ fame, he actually married his thirteen year old cousin, unwittingly causing immense harm to his career and scandalizing himself in the process. That being said, it’s still absolutely shocking every time it happens.

Lost actor Doug Hutchison and beauty queen Courtney Alexis Stodden were married this week in a small ceremony in Las Vegas. Neither of those names may be familiar to you, but the fifty-one year old Hutchison is probably best remembered as the sick, and mentally unbalanced Percy in The Green Mile. His bride, on the other hand, is an aspiring sixteen year old country musician who her mother claims is/ was a virgin and a good Christian girl. She certainly doesn’t look any bit of a teenager in the above photograph, but according to E!, beauty pageant records do verify she’s underage.

So, how the hell did this happen? Well, because Stodden is technically a minor, she needed documented parental approval in order to tie the knot, and her mother was all too happy to sign the papers. She’s been running around telling half the news sources on the internet about how pleased she is with the nuptials.

If I had a sixteen year old daughter, she sure as shit wouldn’t be marrying some b-list celebrity more than three times her age. What the hell do these two even talk about? Marriage is about finding a partner to spend your life with. It’s about having someone to share experiences with. What the hell experiences could these two possibly share? To paraphrase Midnight In Paris, maybe they both like pita bread. I give this disaster four years.

That being said, there’s at least three people who approve of this union. You might be a fourth. Vote in the poll below and let us know how long you think it’ll last…

How Many Years Do You Give Them?

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