Earlier today, comedian Tracy Morgan participated in a sitdown organized by gay rights group GLAAD. In an effort to rehabilitate his image as well as hear from hate crime victims, he interacted with several teenagers who were forced to live on the streets after their parents rejected them simply for being gay. The move was just the latest stop on his apology tour which already featured a frank discussion with Russell Simmons and, according to TMZ, will continue into next week with a slew of apologies in Tennessee where the now infamous homophobic rant took place.

I’ve already openly said that I do not think Tracy Morgan is homophobic, simply a brash comedian who operates without a filter in an attempt to be outrageous, but a good percentage of the general public is still irate and considers him hateful. Morgan plays much the same character on 30 Rock and in all likelihood, will continue to play that character, sans gay bashing. Celebrities jamming feet in mouths is hardly a new phenomenon, but nowadays, it almost requires an immediate apology as well as loads of follow-up charity work. That publicity train really doesn’t tell us whether the person is sorry, but it does at least say they recognize their comments may have been in poor taste.

So, all that begs the question: are you ready for forgive Tracy Morgan? Will you ever forgive the acclaimed stand-up comedian? Vote in the poll below and let us know what you think…

How Long Will It Take You To Forgive Tracy Morgan?

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