The misappropriation of money is a hot issue right now. Earlier this month, former Presidential Candidate John Edwards was indicted on suspicion of using campaign funds to help an extramarital affair disappear, and now R. Kelly is in his own mess after his former manager filed a lawsuit claiming the hip-hop giant failed to pay his fifteen percent because he needed to keep his sexual misconduct quiet. The litigation was filed in a Los Angeles courtroom this morning, and it seeks a million dollars in damages.

The jilted businessman in question is Jeff Kwatinetz. He started representing R. Kelly in 2008, and he claims to have worked tirelessly to revive his client’s career. During his tenure, the musician put on several high grossing tours, released two albums and even signed a book deal, but Kwatinetz alleges he never saw his due royalties from those deals. According to TMZ, the lawsuit argues all of those funds were diverted to clean up R. Kelly’s image and make several sexual misconduct allegations go away.

Not to be stifled, a spokesman from R. Kelly’s camp has already released a statement refuting the charges and calling Kwatinetz’s motion “a collection of half-truths, distortions and outright fabrications.” Usually, if there’s any merit to cases like these, the litigants end up settling before they ever see a courtroom, but only time will tell whether this lawsuit is filled with more “half-truths” or more “outright fabrications”.

Just because it’s awesome, here’s a look at R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)”…

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