For most of the past decade or so, Rachel Uchitel has been in the headlines for the wrong reasons. The nightclub manager’s fiancé Andrew O’Grady lost his life on September 11th. A few years later, she supposedly had an affair with married actor David Borneanz from Bones. A tryst with Tiger Woods followed, as did a stint on Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab. A few months ago, however, her personal life momentum switched, and ever since, the stories have been of the positive variety.

In October, she tied the knot with former Penn State football player Matt Hahn. Rumors of a pregnancy were rampant as the couple said their I-Do’s, but nothing was ever officially confirmed, at least until early this morning. That’s when Uchitel tweeted a picture of herself and Hahn holding her baby bump with the text “Expecting big things for 2012… Five down, four months to go…”. Here’s a look at the rehearsed snapshot…

Pop Blend wishes Hahn and Uchitel nothing but the best as they transition into parenthood. Having kids has a different effect on everyone. Here’s to hoping motherhood drowns out the negativity of her past and brings on a lasting period of tranquility and happiness.

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