Have you ever wondered how exactly you should eat chicken wings? I know haven’t, but for those of you who have, you’re in luck this week. Though most of us could really care less how about how to eat chicken wings correctly," rapper Game has taken the liberty to teach us. The rapper has released a new video this week showcasing his skills as a hot sauce licking chicken eater with all the fixins. Check out the video below where he demonstrates the art of eating buffalo wings:

Despite how goofy the video is, I’ll admit I was quite entertained. I like the fact that he just makes a random video like this one, even if it's just him bullshitting about chicken wings. Most rappers, and musicians for that matter, don’t bother doing little videos like this, so this is special, to say the least. His latest record The R.E.D. Album came out last week, so it makes sense that he sent out something to get some attention online. I can only hope that other artists follow suit. For example: I’d love to see Andre 3000 show his fans how to dress like a playa, or Lil Wayne show us how to mix a good, hard purple drank. Too soon?

All in all, is that how you eat hot wings? I can assume that since the “Dope Boys” hit-maker seems like a preofessonial wing eater, I’ll take his word on this soon-to-be-art form of eating fried poultry. I feel safe in his assurance. Now you know how I feel, so what about you? Will you eat chicken wings differently now that Game has changed… well, the game? Fire off in the comments section below.

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