Next weekend Iron Man officially kicks off the summer blockbuster movie season by rocketing into theaters with an all-star cast. Today though, the movie had it's star-studded red carpet premiere in the UK, and the entire cast and crew was there to kick things off.

For director Jon Favreau, it was just one piece of the promotional puzzle. He says, "It’s great. I’ve been travelling around the world and I’m not someone that likes to fly. So, I’ve been from Mexico City all the way to Australia, Korea and to Paris, Rome and now I’m in London. I was in Berlin, and everywhere we go, the people seem to love the stars, they seem to love Gwyneth and everything she’s wearing and are more fascinated with her footwear than the politics of the United States of America, so it’s encouraging to see that people are willing to be distracted and are ready to escape from all their problems that are going on right now and have a good time at the movies."

Speaking of what Gwyneth is wearing... does she know she's a mommy? We've got photos from the entire red carpet event. Check out what indeed Gwyneth is wearing, and get an up close and personal look at Robert Downey's salt and pepper beard in our Iron Man Red Carpet Photo gallery below:

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