For the longest time the Red Hot Chili Peppers seemed like they would never lose momentum. With the level of musicianship Flea and John Frusciante recorded and performed with during the 1990’s, they were unstoppable, but when Frusciante left the band several times for other endeavors, at the behest of most fans, the magic would mostly disappear. When he exited the group after 2006's Stadium Arcadium, Flea enticed the Grammy winners to take a 5 year leave of absence. After years of guessing whether or not the funky rock outfit would make their glorious return, fans can lay to rest any anxiety. The group is back together making a new album that will be called I'm with You. Recently, in an interview with Spin, Flea described the new record as:

We've found a new side of ourselves. Well, first off, the major difference is that John is no longer in the band and Josh Klinghoffer is now the guitar player. While it's nice that Josh was already a part of our family, having made records and joined us on our last tour, he's a very different musician than John. Because of that, the feeling of the music is a lot different.

The eccentric bassist whose known to perform naked during live shows went on to explain how the revised mechanics of their recording methods helped them to attain a quality of sound that has not been obtained since Californication in 1999. A reason why this was possible was due to the addition of Josh Klinghoffer. At first the group members were concerned if the budding guitarist was capable of adding a new dimension to their work, but soon after playing on tour and recording a few albums with him, he was a part of their family.

Before, we wrote by jamming together and Anthony would add his parts afterwards. Now it's a much different approach. It took some time, for me particularly being so used to the way that John wrote, to understand the way Josh would interact with what I played. It was like, 'Wait, I thought you were going to come up with that perfect part that interlocks with what I'm doing and boom, it's going to be done.' With Josh, it creeps up on you. He sings beautiful background vocals on this record, too.

As this band transitions in real time, it’s astounding how well they are taking this ride. After waiting 5 years between albums, fans of the elaborate group can take solace in knowing that their next album will be as captivating as the last.

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