Richard Hatch is out of prison after serving nine months. The fifty-year old, recently seen on Celebrity Apprentice, was sentenced earlier this year for failing to pay taxes on the one million dollars he received for winning Survivor. If all that sounds familiar, it probably should. He already spent three years for failing to give Uncle Sam his share of that same prize. Upon his release, he maintained his innocence and never paid, which led to this most recent prison stint.

In case you’re wondering if he learned his lesson, he apparently has not. According to The Associated Press, he’s still maintaining his innocence, which means he might not be planning to pay his bill. If that’s the case, Hatch could well find himself in federal prison again, possibly as the first man ever locked up on three separate occasions for the same outstanding debt.

Look: I am a Richard Hatch fan. I was beyond pleased when he won the first season of Survivor. He was the smartest guy on the island, and he played the game the hardest. He deserved the one million dollars. On Celebrity Apprentice, I admired him as well. He continually took responsibility, performed his tasks competently and only went home because it was more difficult for him to fundraise than the bigger celebrities. I wish him all the success in the world, but if the government sends you to jail twice for not paying a tax bill, even if you think they’re wrong, you pay it. I know that’s a lot of money to just pull out of your ass, but I find it hard to believe the government wouldn’t agree to garnish your wages if you were proactive about it and set up a payment plan.

No amount of money is worth multiple prison sentences.

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