It’s been a rough day for Rihanna. The pop star was scheduled to perform to a sold out crowd in Sweden, but instead, she ended up in the hospital. The specifics of what she’s battling are a bit fuzzy, but in a statement, her condition was described as being “the flu”. As anyone who’s ever been sick before knows, that can encompass a whole lot of different ailments, but honestly, this is probably a situation where we don’t need more words. We get the gist, and that’s enough.

The news of the cancellation came via a first person statement from the singer, but it was followed up with a Twitter picture of Rihanna with an IV in her arm along with the caption “Sorry Malmo”. I didn’t need the hospital photo as proof that she really was sick, but it does strike me as kind of funny in a nostalgic sort of way. You remember being a little kid and telling your mom you were too sick to go to school? Sometimes she’d just buy it, but now and again, she’d say, “Fine. I’ll make a doctor’s appointment.” That was always the ultimate how sick am I internal monologue. Clearly, Rihanna was too sick to perform because going to the doctor sucks way more than singing in front of people who love you. Or at least I assume as much.

There’s no word on when exactly Rihanna might make the date up, but she has a performance scheduled in Stockholm on Tuesday. Concert promoter Live Nation is apparently working out the details, and they’ll update fans who purchased tickets within a few days. Until then, Pop Blend sends out its well-wishes to Rihanna.

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