Robert De Niro is a father again. The sixty-eight-year-old, six time Academy Award nominee and his wife Grace Hightower welcomed daughter Helen Grace who was born with the help of a surrogate mother. She weighed in at a little over seven pounds and is said to be in wonderful health.

The bouncing baby girl marks the sixth child for De Niro. His oldest, Dreana, was adopted all the way back in 1976. She was five at the time and born to a different father, but the actor welcomed her aboard when he married her mother Diahnne Abbott. Within a year, De Niro and Abbott had a son named Raphael. After the couple’s separation, the Raging Bull star fathered two sons with model Toukie Smith in 1995, and he later had a son with Helen’s mother Grace in 1998. They might be a difficult family to keep track of, but considering how much De Niro has gushed about them in every interview I’ve ever seen, he seems pretty happy with how things have turned out.

At his advanced age, De Niro might not be a prime candidate for fatherhood, but with his resources, a firm commitment and a mother who’s fifty-six, Helen should turn out just fine. According to Sky News, in an ideal world, the celebrity would have his grown children living in different units in the same apartment building. That might sound like the set-up to a goofy Christmas comedy, but there’s also something sweet about it.

Pop Blend wishes De Niro and Hightower nothing but the best with the addition of another family member.

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