Hollywood needs to get ready: there’s a mini playboy on the way.

Monday, Robert Downey Jr appeared on CBS’ The Tonight Show With Jay Leno to talk about his wife, Susan Downey, and the brand new baby the couple are expecting. The child is due in late February, but they’ve been trying to be mum on the child’s sex. After a semi-exhausting diatribe about how his wife would be mad at him, Downey revealed he is having a boy with wife Susan Downey.

Downey went on to joke about how he keeps letting the information out at inopportune moments. Later, he kidded around about the whole pregnancy actually having been tougher on him. Downey and Leno are both big jokesters, so the whole interview has some really nice banter, especially if you are into baby talk. Plus there is one really strange prop that comes up in the second half of the interview.

You can check out the video from the two jokesters, below.

Downey’s child with wife Susan will be his second. The actor also has an 18 year-old boy, Indio. Pop Blend wishes the couple well as they prepare for the late stage of pregnancy.

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