When I was a little kid, I went through a phase pretending I wasn't scared of anything. I threw away my nightlight, told all my preschool friends monsters didn't exactly and generally tried to act like Chuck Norris in all situations. I was remarkably successful too, apart from anytime I watched Home Alone. Before every rewatch, I'd mentally prepare myself for what was ahead. I'd easily master the fear of being left alone and even brainstorm ways I could use my family's own household items as weapons. I was a tough little bastard, at least until Old Man Marley showed up and made me cower under the covers every time.

Roberts Blossom was never a household name. He appeared in a lot of plays, movies and television shows, but he couldn't find that one, memorable role to define his career. Then Home Alone came along, and he scared the lunch boxes out of every childhood backpack in America. With a thick white beard and a snow shovel as his weapon of choice, he crept on and off screen, frightening Kevin McCallister, saving the day and ultimately stealing the film's most sentimental moment. He's at least twenty percent of the reason Home Alone kicks so much ass, and I can't imagine how the film would work without him.

Roberts Blossom died in a Southern California nursing home last week at the age of eighty-seven. He'd long since retired, but his image remains as vibrant and scary as ever in the memories of millions of twenty and thirty-somethings. Apart from Home Alone, he appeared in The Great Gatsby, Escape From Alcatraz and the 70s horror classic Deranged.

Pop Blend would like to send out our thoughts to his surviving family members and friends. Life well lived, Roberts Blossom.

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