Rock wildman Liam Gallagher has an unlikely new hobby - he's taken up golf.

The Beady Eye frontman was notorious for embarking on mammoth drink and drug sessions during his years with Britpop band Oasis, but he's adamant he's now a changed man.

He lists his priorities as "family (and) music - in that order", he's become a fitness fanatic by enjoying a jog every day, and he's even started playing golf to relax.

Gallagher tells Britain's The Times newspaper, "I love making proper contact with that f**king ball. If you whack it, it f**king goes, man. If you get it right it goes miles. I spend too much time in that f**king sand pit but there you go... it's a learning curve. And there's a drink-up after." (ZN/WNBTIS/LR)

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