People love arguing over the greatest of all time. From sports to movies to candy bars, there are certain subjects that lend themselves to such debates and because no one can be conclusively be proven wrong, these discussions can often last for hours. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing likely depends on your perception of how time should be spent, but given that I have no problem with it, let’s talk about the latest chapter in a particularly popular greatest of all time debate.

Who is the greatest guitarist ever? That’s the question at the heart of Rolling Stone’s newest list. With commentaries and analyses written by hall of fame musicians, the special issue is a fascinating read; however, don’t go into it looking for some new and exciting conclusion. Like the majority of debates involving guitar playing, Rolling Stone’s has ended with virtuoso Jimi Hendrix on the top of the heap.

In many ways, it’s hard to argue with Hendrix being singled out as the pinnacle talent of the instrument. His albums are still impressive decades later, and his rendition of the “Stars Spangled Banner” remains one of the most riveting live recordings ever. He truly was brilliant, but for the purposes of this debate, his choice is also incredibly safe.

A strong case could be made that others actually did more to make the guitar popular, and a strong case could be made that others mastered more styles of music on the instrument. What do you think? Is Jimi Hendrix actually the greatest guitarist of all-time? Sound off by voting in the poll below…

Is jimi Hendrix The Greatest Guitar Player Ever?

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