Now here's a concept I haven't seen much of in reality-TV land: a surprise party for guests! Mike Tyson and his wife Lakiha invited friends and family to what they thought was going to be a shared birthday party at the M Resort in Las Vegas. After guests arrived with presents in tow, the couple disappeared, only to reappear in full wedding regalia. Surprise!

TMZ has the complete story and some pictures of the surprise renewal. The wedding kept to Muslim tradition and party-goers reported it was complete with dinner and dancing.

The couple was married in a small Vegas chapel a mere few weeks after the death of Mike Tyson’s four-year-old daughter back in 2009. His young daughter was asphyxiated in a tragic accident at home. Ten days later, Tyson married for a third time to Lakiha. So far, it seems the marriage has gone well for the both of them despite the rocky start. He recently declared on Twitter, "One is now enough for me! The old player pimp has mastered monogamy!"

The last we heard, Tyson's face was on trial. Actually, his tattoo, which the producers' of The Hangover 2 incorporated as an in-joke for the movie. This may become a possible recurring theme, as the director Todd Phillips has already hinted at making the Hangover a trilogy. Warner Bros. settled with the tattoo artist in question for an undisclosed sum. So after the tattoo debacle, this is some happy news for newest comeback king. Congrats!

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