You expect a certain amount of wear and tare on a wrestler's body. It comes with the job description and slowly compounds as the years of service add up. At some point, a performer probably wakes up used to feeling sore, but even in an industry where you're expected to take it with a smile, Rowdy Roddy Piper has once again topped all his competitors. The fifty-seven year old wrestler has apparently been experiencing some pain in his neck for awhile, but he just toughed it out until an MRI revealed he had a broken neck. Now desperate doctors at UCLA are rushing the trooper into surgery to repair the damage as quickly as they can.

How much of a champion do you have to be to continue performing, sans whining, with a neck that's broken? According to TMZ, doctors are planning to take a hammer and chisel to the bones in order to set the column and place it in the right position. I know it's probably the smart decision to get yourself checked whenever you feel strange sensations of pain, but I must admit I find it honorable that a man shut his mouth and continued to work under conditions that must have been agony. Naturally, Piper agrees with my assessment, taking some pride in the whole thing. He took to Twitter to offer up this epic boast…
So just for the record, I beat, The Miz, Terry Funk, and 2 others guys with a brokrn neck!! All the Raws and WM where I broke it!

Rowdy Roddy Piper is the greatest heel in the history of wrestling. With aggressive words and vicious takedowns, he crafted his loveable, hateable, “Hot Rod” persona, and I'm joyful that I got to watch it. Pop Blend would like to send out well-wishes to the old bastard as he takes on another opponent today he's sure to vanquish.

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