Word cropped up today that Russell Crowe was "desperate" to play "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin in an as yet unplanned biopic. When the question was put to Crowe in person he had some choice words for whoever started that nasty little rumor.

Earlier Monday several UK and Australia based news sources began quoting industry mag "In Touch Weekly" saying that Crowe was in talks with Universal Studios to star in such a movie. Crowe's response?"There's no truth to that whatsoever," Crowe adamantly told ComingSoon.net. "That's one of those appalling pieces of shit that come out of the press. While my friend's body is still warm, I'm being accused of doing commerce over his grave, and it absolutely disgusts me." When asked whether or not there should ever be a movie made about Irwin, Crowe changed demeanor.

"Should there be a movie about Steve? For sure," Crowe continued, "What an incredible and unique life he led. His childhood growing up with his mum and dad in a reptile park, but his ambitions turning that simple reptile park into the greatest zoo in Australia, and from my individual perspective, the place that really cares about the animals. What people really don't understand about Steven is Steven was, first and foremost, a conservationist, probably the most individually active conservationist in the world. What he stood for was far more than being the funny guy on TV. Serious people at serious universities realized who he really was."

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