Late night television interviews exist solely for the benefit of the actors there to whore whatever film or television show they’re working on at that given time. With any luck, the actor is receptive to whatever line of questioning is thrown their way, and if the interviewer isn’t a total hack, the conversation should be seamless and casual. That all being said, using a gimmick as a conversation piece is quite common, and occasionally very effective. Exhibit A, Ryan Gosling’s mohawked dog.

Thanks to Hulu for the video, which reveals Ryan Gosling’s ‘true nature’ as a shy man-child with low self-esteem. Whether or not this is a total put on for the sake of marketability, we’ll likely never know. Be that as it may, Gosling is a fairly charming interview, even if Jimmy Fallon can be kind of a doofus at times.

The real question is, will PETA get bent out of shape because Gosling shaves his dog in an un-natural matter? Okay, okay, probably not; but I’ve gotta say that it just makes the dog look a little sad and pathetic. Then again, most guys with mohawks look a little sad and pathetic; so, there’s that.

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