Us Weekly is reporting that sexy Canadian actor Ryan Gosling was fired from Peter Jackson’s film, The Lovely Bones because he had gained too much weight.

Supposedly he was a bit of a bitch too and director Peter Jackson wasn’t having it. But says a source from the magazine, “He ate grilled cheese every day. “ Which might be a Canadian version of the Atkins diet, who knows?

According to the director’s camp, Jackson thought Gosling was “too demanding. “ Ryan also cut his own hair, fought with wardrobe and “Peter couldn’t stand Ryan.” But the over-eating was apparently the cheesy center that broke the director’s back. When Gosling got canned, super-buff Mark Wahlberg stepped in and took his place.

The Lovely Bones is the movie adaptation of Alice Sebold’s bestseller and also stars Rachel Weisz. It is expected to be released in 2008.

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