Once upon a time, Ryan Phillippe was one half of arguably Hollywood's most beloved it couple. He and wife Reese Witherspoon had two children and seemed very much in love. Then their union imploded just after the seven year mark amidst whispers of cheating, and now the thirty-six year old actor is embroiled in a paternity scandal with a twenty-one year old model. Up till now, Phillippe has refused to publically admit he was the man who impregnated Alexis Knapp, but seeing as how actions are more important than words, he reportedly took a big step toward claiming responsibility.

According to People, Phillippe was by Alexis Knapp's side last Friday in the delivery room as she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. All went off without a hitch, and both mother and daughter are doing very well. The first child for Knapp and the third for Phillippe, she's been named Kai, though the reasons behind the handle choice still haven't been publically revealed.

The birth of a child is a wonderful thing, but anytime questions about paternity are involved, the situation can easily get messy. It's truly nice to see Phillippe already seems willing to be there, even before he hasn't been given sound proof. It makes one wonder why he doubted he was the father to begin with. Has she admitted to other men being in the picture or were they only together a few times with protection? I know a man who could solve this problem, but something tells me no celebrities in their right minds would resort to that. Still, I'm sure Maury is crossing his fingers.

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