Only in the world of celebrity gossip is some unnamed source considered evidence enough to run a story as fact. Still, good gossip is good gossip, and it seems that Ryan Reynolds is at the center of even more relationship rumors. Since his marriage with Scarlett Johansson dissolved last December, he has been linked with several different women; although each has been vociferously denied. While the same will likely be the case for the latest rumor, this one may actually have some legs to it.

The Green Lantern star has now been linked to Charlize Theron according to a story in the new Us Weekly. Apparently they won’t be going public anytime soon, and Theron has no interest in being seen publicly with Reynolds because that’s “not her style”. In other words, she’s a total bitch. It’s that moment in high school when you finally get the balls to ask out a girl, and she says yes, but quickly follows it up with “but let’s keep it a secret”.

As the rest of the story would indicate, marriage is not in their future regardless of how little Theron wants to be seen with Reynolds. Charlize is very outspoken about her view on marriage and has repeatedly said she will not marry until gay marriage is legalized in America; that should be just fine with Reynolds who couldn’t even make it three years with Scar-Jo. If you can’t fake it for three years, marriage just might not be for you.

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