Somehow the unthinkable happened, and Ali G was allowed to hang out at Cannes. Of course, he didn't come as the guy behind the characters Sacha Baron Cohen, but instead showed up in full Borat mode, to promote Borat's upcoming movie… which will hopefully be a lot funnier than Ali G's crappy movie.

Since he's Borat, he showed up at Cannes nearly naked. He's wearing a bathing suit… of sorts. Actually, I think he may have gone back in time and robbed White Snake era Tawny Kitane in order to fill his wardrobe needs. You'll have to see this for yourself.

So, if you're brave, and you don't mind seeing lots and lots of really nasty Borat man-ass, click here to see all our pics of the Ali G spin-off character Borat on the beach at Cannes. Do us all a favor and have a barf bag handy, won't you?

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