It's one thing when celebrities record themselves in various personal situations for their own entertainment and have the evidence stolen and released (or worse, sold) to the public against their will. It's another thing when they record such intimate moments with the intention of selling it. Dustin Diamond, better known as Screech from TV's "Saved By The Bell" has apparently taken things to a whole new low.

TMZ reported that a source inside web hosting company says that when the company recently hired Dustin to be its nerdy spokesperson, he indicated that he would be involved in something big win the coming weeks and that they were "lucky to have him". What he failed to tell them was that the "something big" was the release of a sex tape starring him with two women. This suggests that Diamond not only knew about the tape's imminent release, he may have been exploiting it to get a job.

The really priceless part about this whole thing is the catch phrases the company chose to build around their new Dustin Diamond campaign: "Our nerds do it best and go all night long!" and "Our nerds have the biggest packages!" Yeah, now you can see why a web hosting and tech support company would be a little concerned about Dustin's "something big".

"We signed Dustin Diamond based on his persona as the recognizable lovable nerd," Globat told TMZ. "Through talks with his management, we knew they had something big planned -- but never expected this! We have not seen or received confirmation from Diamond's management of the alleged tape. We are reserving any judgment until further information is available."

No doubt this turn of events will bring the company a lot of attention, probably unwanted. Will it bring them more business? Who knows.

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