It’s easy to think that some of these so-called movie heroes are just characters who do good on film and then are total dicks in real life. And while that may be true for some, we learn today that this is not the case with Game of Thrones star, Sean Bean.

Bean often plays characters who follow a heroic path only to meet their grisly end at the hands of his many enemies, but that didn’t stop him from sticking his neck out to protect the honor of his model date, April Summers, from lewd comments coming her way from a passerby. The man, according to the Daily Mail, started shouting obscenities at the girl (who is 30 years younger than Bean. Irrelevant, but awesome) at which point Bean followed him until he seemingly scared him off. However, the man returned later that night as Bean and Summers were outside having a smoke. Bean was punched in the face and then stabbed in the arm with broken glass before the man fled.

This is where Bean gets even more awesome. Instead of going to the hospital to get treated, he simply treated his wounds with the first aid kit the bar had on hand and then ordered another drink and kept enjoying his night with his hot 22-year-old model date. There’s no news about who the man was or what happened to him, but knowing that there are people out there as awesome as Sean Bean is encouraging. He’s living the life listed below, and being a crazy awesome actor at the same time. What a boss.

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