Singer Sean Kingston has been in a very severe watercraft accident in Miami, reports

They say the crash took place in the early evening, when Sean and another female passenger collided head-on with a bridge while riding a Jet Ski. Both were pulled out of the water by a passing boat and were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. No official word on their condition, but they were severely injured enough to be taken to the trauma ward. Alcohol is not suspected, but police are investigating the crash. Kingston is a 21-year-old Miami native who shot to fame when his song, "Beautiful Girls," took over the airwaves back in 2007.

In a sort of weird 6 degrees of separation here, I actually took classes in Jackson Memorial Hospital once upon a summer semester. So I'll share a few facts from my days as a former pre-med student. Jackson is the largest trauma center in South Florida serving not just the local area, but the Caribbean as well. The hospital house The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis which, according to our guide, was visited by former Superman Christopher Reeves after his accident. Needless to say, if anything serious has happened to Sean Kingston and the unnamed female passenger, they are in good hands.

Our thoughts go out to you, Sean and friend.

So, let's take this moment to make a public service announcement: please be safe while celebrating Memorial Day weekend. That goes double for celebrities, since we writers want a vacation too. So don't do anything until Tuesday, okay? Lindsay, stay home and don't try to break house arrest. No more weird parties, Two and a Half Men revivals, or bomb threats. And to the general celebrity population: please don't die. Just hold on for one more day, promise?

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