Yesterday evening, Josh and Anna of the Arkansas-based Duggar pride welcomed their second child into the devout Christian fold. The healthy baby boy is yet to be publically christened with a name, but he did reportedly weigh eight pounds, five ounces upon delivery. Sticking with the family tradition of alliterative naming, the newborn will receive a handle beginning with the letter “m”. You may remember grandpa Jim Bob and grandma Michelle gave all nineteen of their children names beginning with the letter “j”, but it hardly would have been feasible for Anna and Josh to pick from that subset already ravaged by his parents.

According to Today, the clan’s matriarch, Michelle, isn’t overly eager to have any more children, but if another addition is in God’s plan, she’ll welcome him or her with open arms. At forty-four, it would hardly be noteworthy to see her once again get pregnant, but with plenty of preschoolers still in need or raising, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if the family stopped one short of twenty. Plus, if anyone’s body ever needed a break from weight fluctuation, it’s probably her’s.

So, what’s the relationship going to be like between Josh and Anna’s children and Jim Bob and Michelle’s last few? With such a close-knit family, it seems like they’ll interact more like cousins than aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. I’m sure we’ll find out in a forthcoming TLC special, but until then, we’ll let you know whenever the newborn’s name is finally released.

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