For a piece on prolific director Woody Allen for W magazine, Scarlett Johansson decided to pose as a series of early film stars for photographer Tim Walker. Are they trying to place Allen's work in the same archaic movie closet as the silent classics? It just seems out of place to take photos of Johansson, who has been in several Allen films but not his most recent one, dressed as stars from unrelated films. Okay fine, she wants to play dress up. I get it.

ScarJo emulates such iconic movie stars as a zombie-looking Buster Keaton from Sherlock, Jr., an over darkened Marlene Dietrich, and Sarah Bernhardt in an anachronistic outfit. But I’ll give credit where credit is due: she looks adorable as Giulietta Masina from Fellini’s La Strada. But the other ones make almost no sense. Marlene, much like Scarlett, is usually recognized by her blond locks. The scene I believe they are going after is this top one. Okay, so yes, her hair is darker, but not as dramatic and the point of the picture is the lighting. Nope, Walker and Johansson didn't get that right either.

Alright, I'll admit Buster was half-way decent, getting some details right and wrong. I'm not a full-fledged Keaton or 1920's fashion scholar, but I don't remember there ever being stripes on his suits. And if they were emulating Sherlock, Jr., the pork pie hat was not made of straw, but of felt. But this may just be me being picky and trying to keep my Harold Lloyd hat from my Keaton hat. I was also confused by Sandra Bernhardt impersonation. Sandra was one of the first big-name stars in movie history and in theater. So think turn of the 20th century or ornate queen's gowns as she often played roles of matriarchal royalty. Now look at the picture of Scarlett in a very modern white outfit adorned with just a ton of ruffles. Look at the other pictures in the set and realize that everyone was a spitting image of the person they were trying to honor, except Sandra. One of these things is not like the other.

The full collection can be found on W’s site.

Is anyone grateful she decided to forgo Charlie Chaplin? Oh well, so much for revivals.

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