Anthony Ciccone is one of several hundred homeless people in Traverse City, Michigan, but what makes the fifty-five year old’s story unique is his family background. He’s the older brother of famed pop star Madonna, but he says those he grew up with are completely unwilling to help out. He currently lives under a bride and collects bottles for income. His story has rubbed many the wrong way over the past few days and has led to some pointing a judgmental finger at the Material Girl.

Ciccone recently spoke to the The Michigan Messenger about his plight, and it’s very clear he’s none too pleased with his family. He worked at the Ciccone family vineyard and winery for years, but he was fired about a year and a half ago by his own father. Here’s an excerpt from his interview…
“My family turned their back on me, basically, when I was having a hard time. You think I haven’t answered this kind of question a bazillion times — why my sister is a multibazillionarie, and I’m homeless on the street?”

Madonna definitely has bucketfuls of money she could give to her brother, but whether or not she should is another matter entirely. It all depends upon how you look at family. Clearly, something awful went down here. People don’t just get fired by their dads and cast off onto the streets without provocation, but some people are firmly of the opinion that you should never stop helping your siblings regardless of how many times they may have screwed up.

What do you think? Is it shame on Madonna for turning her back on her brother, or shame on her brother for whatever decisions got him to this place? Sound off by voting in the poll below…

Should Madonna Help Her Brother?

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