And the apology has finally come. Too bad it won’t save her job.

Famed actress Sharon Stone issued a press release today, asserting she was “deeply sorry and sad about hurting Chinese people.” Wow, if that’s not the most heartfelt plea for forgiveness of all time than I’m not a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. In case you’re wondering, I’ve yet to be nominated. Yet

Unfortunately, the wishy-washy apology came a little too late today, as cosmetics giant Christian Dior terminated her endorsement deal, according to The Scotsman. God, I feel awful. I guess it must have been that whole karma thing she was so excited to talk about.

Here’s to hoping the next time you hear Sharon Stone’s name on this website it will be from me trashing her acting and not acting appalled after more inappropriate, insensitive, and downright idiotic assertions.

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