Almost four years ago, Transformers actor Shia LaBeouf was arrested in a Walgreens for refusing to leave. The incident was widely joked about, and the store eventually dropped the charges. Most onlookers viewed it as nothing more than a humorous indication that the little kid from Even Stevens had grown up. Unfortunately, the scrape with the law proved to be far from a one-off encounter. LaBeouf was later arrested for drunk driving and getting into a bar fight. Now, a video has surfaced of the twenty-five year old in another skirmish, this time outside the Cinema Public House in Vancouver.

LaBeouf is in British Columbia to shoot the film The Company You Keep, and if TMZ's clip of the fight is any indication, the actor definitely isn't taking the title's message to heart. The video shows him getting repeatedly punched in the head by a chubby dude with no shirt on. After the assault, he briefly gets up to reengage, but he's stopped by several unidentified friends who ask him to calm down.

Shia LaBeouf is a huge movie star who has toplined several very successful films. He has enough pull in Hollywood to be doing whatever he wants. Writing, directing, acting, you name it. He's free to find total fulfillment with his job, which is perhaps why it's so curious that he's spending time drinking and getting into bar fights with strangers. A lot of people go through an unruly phase in their late teens and early twenties, but at some point, most people wake up and decide there's better ways to live.

According to The Chicago Sun-Times, several of LaBeouf's friends are trying to use this most recent fight as motivation for the actor to take anger management counseling. It's unclear whether he'll follow through on that offer. Regardless, here's to hoping this is the last bar fight he gets into.

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