It seems like Even Stevens is getting the munchies for something other than acting, literally. Shia Labeouf has taken a break from fighting robots to direct Kid Cudi’s new music video for his hit song “Marijuana,” off the Cudder’s new album Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager. Appropriately, the video is masked in a Smokey haze that gives the audience a look into Cudi’s trip to Amsterdam, and his obsession with smoking blunts and subsequently getting high. There is nothing wrong with that, and Lebeouf gives us a sneak peak into his world.

Man, the video is a travelogue, man. Its like… Groovy. The music video follows the rapper on his trip in Amsterdam as he smokes out: in hotel rooms, the red light district, in coffee shops, and right before a show. Labeouf is adequate as the director, showing off his skills using solely a flip video camera for shooting. It’s obvious in the video too, creating a travelogue look that compliments the mellow song well. Vulture released the video Thursday June 2nd.

The “Pursuit of Happiness” hit-maker has also released a new song, with a heavy rock edge to it, seeing the rapper go in a new direction with his already hard to define act. The song is called Perfect Is the Word and premiered on Vulture yesterday. Two releases in two days? I’m really excited to hear more new songs from Kid Cudi. He’s an already amazing artist, and with the help of a movie star as big as Shia Labeouf, Cudi is on the fast track to stardom. Check out the Labeouf directed, Cudi song “Marijuana,” below:

What do you say? If you haven't listened to Kid Cudi all ready, then you are really missing out. His new music video just solidifies the fact that he is a unique artist with extreme talent. The video is interesting, with a very cool premise. To be perfectly honest, watching any celebrities smoking pot is always entertaining. What I’m curious about though is if Labeouf did partake in said toking. Probably, he would have been nuts not too. Now go get some munchies, we know you want it.

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