Once a trainwreck, always a trainwreck. Former Academy Award winner Tatum O’Neal was arrested last night after police officers spotted her purchasing two small bags of cocaine. You know, coke, blow, the white powder, the filthy little habit Miss O’Neal has sported for the better part of two decades.

According to The Associated Press, the arrest took place around seven-thirty last night, and she’s due back in court on July 28th. Famously known as the daughter of Ryan O’Neal, no saint himself, Tatum has experienced her share of problems since winning an Oscar for Paper Moon in ‘73. She married John McEnroe, did a few questionable nude scenes, and almost completely disappeared until popping back up recently in FX’s brilliant drama Rescue Me. No word on how this drug arrest will affect her semi-regular part, but I can’t imagine it will alter her already nefarious reputation in anyway.

I guess I should wish Tatum some sort of luck in kicking her drug habit, but honestly, I’m sick of making excuses for her. It’s time to get your shit together, Tatum. No one cares anymore. You’re not Hollywood’s it girl with a few problems; you’re a sad old woman unable to cope with life.

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