By now, most people are aware Alec Baldwin was booted from an American Airlines flight for playing Words With Friends. The ridiculously addictive app is a great time killer in almost all occasions, except, of course, after the door has closed on an airplane. To make amends for delaying his fellow passengers for over an hour, Baldwin apologized on The Huffington Post and lampooned the brouhaha on Saturday Night Live, but his apology unintentionally pissed off someone else: the CEO of Greyhound.

Baldwin compared the modern-day flying experience to that of bus travel, which obviously didn’t sit well with the affordable company that gives more than seventeen million rides a year. In an open letter to the 30 Rock actor, CEO Dave Leach admitted taking a bus hasn’t always been the most pleasant way to get from here to there, but according to him, the trip has been vastly upgraded thanks to his company adding in free Wi-Fi and more leg room. He offered Baldwin the chance to accompany himself on a Greyhound from New York to Boston to prove just how far the company has come. Here’s an excerpt from the proposition as quoted by CNN
”I think you especially would find the latter two amenities exciting, because we don't require our customers to turn off their electronic devices ... ever. You could therefore play 'Words With Friends' during your entire trip and nobody would give you any grief over it.”

First of all, this letter was a great marketing move and piece of free publicity by Greyhound. It’s a shrewd tactic. I admire it. Secondly, I really hope Alec Baldwin takes the company up on its offer. Sure, it would require actually taking a bus trip, but if he did it, he’d be able to release a statement saying traveling by bus is actually better than traveling by air. If all goes well, an endorsement deal could even come out of it.

All I see are upsides. What do you think? Should Alec Baldwin take Greyhound up on its offer? Sound off by voting in the poll below…

Should Alec Baldwin Ride A Greyhound?

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