After weeks of testimony, Dr. Conrad Murray’s trial has finally been turned over to the jury. They’re set to begin deliberations Friday morning, but how long they might take to render a decision is anyone’s guess. If you listen to many legal observers, a guilty verdict should be handed in very quickly. Murray’s defense has been fraught with problems, most notably an early theory change. Those issues coupled with the numerous prosecution witnesses who have attacked the doctor’s behavior prior to and immediately after the medical situation arose, could very well sway the jury, but as we’ve seen in numerous high profile cases, which way the public leans doesn’t always mirror those entrusted to decide.

Today’s closing arguments from both sides largely focused on Michael Jackson’s celebrity. According to the defense, it was that status that pushed the State to pursue the case, but the viewpoint of Murray’s lawyers certainly did not match the prosecution’s. The district attorney argued the doctor’s conduct was so reprehensible, charges would have been pursued regardless of who the victim may have been. That it happened to be Michael Jackson was mere happenstance.

Even if he’s found guilty, it’s likely Murray will be placed on probation or ordered to serve a brief jail stint. The prisons in California are incredibly overcrowded, and to be perfectly honest, the State has bigger fish to fry. Of course, that doesn’t lessen the intrigue or the gravity of the situation. When this decision comes down, it will be dissected and questioned by experts and fans alike.

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