Let’s be honest: not many of us thought the union of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries would last. Even more stable celebrity relationships have a hard time lasting, and these two hardly seemed devoted enough to weather the tough times. Still, clocking in at less than three months from wedding to separation, this whole thing has turned out to be a bigger disaster than anyone expected, the bride and groom included.

People get all hot and bothered about gay marriage dragging down the holiness of it all, but that critique seems laughable after these idiots barely even attempted to make it work. I almost hope one of them cheated or developed a drug problem during these couple months. At least then there would be a reasonable explanation.

It seems likely the specifics of what the hell exactly happened will become public within a few months, but right now, rumors are citing everything from his fame whoring to her unwillingness to settle down. Regardless, the marriage is over, and all that’s left to show for it is footage of a multi-million dollar wedding on a beautiful estate.

Estimates have placed the total price for the wedding at over ten million dollars. That works out to more than one hundred thousand dollars for every day these two buffoons actually spent married. Much of the services were donated and/ or paid for by E’s right to film and other outlets’ rights to the exclusive pictures, but money still was spent, or flushed down a rat hole if you prefer.

No doubt Kim and Kris will both spend the next year talking about how the dissolution of their relationship was in both of their best interests. Maybe that’s true. Sometimes people just can't make it work, and sometimes situations really are toxic, but to me, the whole thing is still embarrassing because of how quickly it ended. What do you think? Should Kim be embarrassed about the failure of her marriage? Sound off by voting in the poll below…

Should Kim Be Embarrassed?

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