Lady Gaga has plenty of iconic outfits taking up space in the futuristic space-closet I'm sure she keeps in a floating barge in the East River somewhere, but there might be one that captures the imagination most of all, out of sheer grossness. Yes, I'm talking about the infamous meat dress that she wore to the 2010 Video Music Awards and is actually now in residence at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland (the closet barge is full, I guess). Gaga managed to infuriate PETA with the dress, as you might expect, but rather than stay angry they're trying to work with her on something new and slightly less scandalous.

According to PETA their India branch has asked Gaga to don a dress made out of lettuce when she travels to the country to perform at the closing part for this weekend's Formula One race. PETA"s own headline asks if Gaga will choose to wear her "Okra Face" at the event, but I'm thinking there have got to be some better vegetable related puns out there. There's also no evidence that Gaga will actually take the advice, and given her penchant for wearing only the most unexpected of clothing, it's hard to imagine her taking direct orders from anyone, even PETA.

But hey, maybe she'll do them one better-- a brussels sprouts dress? A dress made only of locally grown vegetables available in the region of India where she'll be performing? The options are limitless, just the way Lady Gaga probably likes them. Vote in the poll or let us know in the comments what kind of insane substance you'd like to see Gaga dressed in next.

Do you want to see Lady Gaga wear a lettuce dress?

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