Former President George W. Bush’s niece Lauren was married yesterday to David Lauren, the son of high profile fashion designer Ralph Lauren. The lovely ceremony took place in Telluride, Colorado on the Lauren family ranch, and supposedly, it was largely drama free. That was a bit of a concern considering the epic divorce Lauren’s parents had in 2003, he reportedly got herpes from an affair with an escort and later accused her of plucking out his hair to perform voodoo rituals, but thankfully, all put aside their differences in the name of their daughter.

Much ado was made prior to the ceremony, partly because the union would join two famous American families and partly because it could have led to the bride adopting the name Lauren Lauren. Earlier this year, she spoke to Harper’s Bazaar and admitted she was leaning toward Lauren Bush-Lauren. Word on the street is she followed through with that handle choice.

Lauren’s grandfather former President George H.W. Bush was unable to attend the wedding because of health concerns stemming from Colorado’s elevation, but he and longtime wife Barbara reportedly recorded a congratulations message to be played during the rehearsal dinner. It must be a good feeling to know even if one former President can’t attend, there will still be another there in person. In addition, Lauren’s uncle Jeb, the former governor of Florida, was also reportedly on hand along with David’s famous father.

Pop Blend would like to send out its congratulations to the happy couple but also ask you, if you were Lauren, what name would you have chosen? Would you have kept the maiden name, hyphenated or gone with the old school and perhaps a bit goofy Lauren Lauren? Sound off by voting in the poll below…

What Name Should Lauren Have Taken?

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