Working for an entertainment news website like Cinema Blend, I can tell you that we like to regard ourselves as honorable journalists. On the other hand, tabloids like to hold themselves to a lower standard; that’s why this story is not surprising. Actress Sienna Miller has recently settled a lawsuit in which she sued the tabloid magazine News of the World for tapping into her phones. Even the paparazzi would say that's a cheap blow.

The Factory Girl star accused News of the World for illegally hacking into her private voicemails back in 2004, in order to find new information about her relationship with then boyfriend, actor Jude Law. She states that her life was “intolerable” during this time, and rightfully so. Even tabloids must understand the right to privacy, right? Maybe not.

Miller reached an agreement with the tabloid organization Thursday, after editors accepted the responsibility of invading her privacy. In a statement made by the magazine to revive their destroyed image, they say: “We are pleased that we have managed to bring this case to a satisfactory conclusion. Several weeks ago we admitted liability in certain cases and offered a genuine and unreserved apology.” If only we could believe the sincerity behind that statement.

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