Simon Cowell might enjoy speaking his mind, but that doesn't mean he likes to be misquoted. The X Factor producer and judge supposedly told several British tabloids recently that he found Beyonce and Lady Gaga boring, but now he, along with his representative, are refuting the allegations and offering endorsements of the two ladies.

Speaking to Radar Online, Cowell called the former Destiny's Child member the “biggest star we've seen in twenty years” and of a “different breed”. The talent scout also had some nice words to say about Lady Gaga, calling her an “utter star” and openly wishing to find someone as talented as her on this season's X Factor.

Often, celebrities who offer follow up comments that amount to backtracks are just trying to play nice, but I am extremely confident Simon Cowell never bashed Beyonce or Lady Gaga. Anyone who's watched American Idol with consistency knows the judge is, before all else, a businessman. Paula may have critiqued stage presence, Randy may have had the best ear for vocal talent, but Simon was always the projector of whether or not people could sell records. Beyonce and Lady Gaga have sold millions of records between them, and there's no way Simon Cowell would ever find that money boring.

In case if that explanation doesn't sell you, his representative also released a statement. Here's what he had to say…
“(His comment about the female pop stars) was completely misreported. It's the complete opposite in fact. Simon is a massive fan of both and he always refers to them as amongst the artists he most admires. He thinks they are two of the most interesting, talented and relevant artists today".

Rumor put to rest. Simon Cowell appreciates both Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

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