Earlier today, talented Irish singer Sinead O’Connor announced she was getting divorced from therapist Barry Herridge. Considering how many unions fail every year, that’s hardly big news, especially as celebrities go. Nowadays, we’re more shocked by famous marriages that actually go until death than those that end up in court, but the specifics of O’Connor’s divorce are a little stranger than most.

The knot the couple tied in Las Vegas only ended up lasting sixteen days and apparently involved a hunt for marijuana on the wedding night and unhappiness on the groom’s end. In a long post on her website, O’Connor blasts many of those closest to her soon to be ex-husband and blames the pressure they put on him for causing strain the marriage couldn’t take. Apparently, many of the aforementioned people never wanted him to involve himself with her, and after the wedding, their voices grew louder.

Of course, it’s hard not to draw comparisons between what happened here, and the recent Kim Kardashian/ Kris Humphries debacle. The latter couple lasted a little more than seventy days, but when that union crumbled, many observers jumped to the conclusion that the whole thing was a sham at worst and a stupid decision made by immature people at best. This break-up seems to be a horse of a totally different color, fraught with some deeper issues. That’s why, to me, Kim Kardashian’s blunder is far worse. I genuinely feel bad for O’Connor and Herridge.

What do you think? Which divorce do you think is worse? Let us know by voting in the comments below.

Which Is Worse?

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