Sinead O'Connor's recent surprise wedding in Las Vegas has ended the way so many surprise Vegas ceremonies end: in divorce. Just 16 days after tying the knot, O'Connor has announced in a rambling post on her official website that the marriage has ended, citing a whole host of reasons, including "pressure placed upon him by certain people in his life" and also "a bit of a wild ride i took us on looking for a bit of a smoke of weed for me wedding night as I don't drink." Yes, apparently one of the reasons O'Connor is now divorced is because she took her husband looking for drugs on their wedding night.

Her now ex, Barry Herridge, is apparently a therapist who works with adolescents, and less than two weeks ago O'Connor wrote another blog post begging for his privacy; even in the post announcing their split, O'Connor asked for his privacy again, calling him "a wonderful man" and admitting "he has been terribly unhappy and I have therefore ended the marriage." But then she ended the entire thing with a kind of manifesto you might expect from a woman exiting 20 years of marriage, not 16 days:

Meanwhile I intend to get on with being fully me. With never an apology for ANY part if being FULLY ME. No matter what. I am a 21st century full woman and proud of living it. I am in a very good and happy and strong place in life so I am doing fine. The marriage was 16 days. We lived together for 7 days only.. Until Xmas eve. And we haven't been awful to each other. So while I feel sad for my husband, and sad to be the cause of sorrow to yet another poor man, I'm also happy that I know we weren't horrible to each other and he is better off free. And that I can be me. And that's a freedom I can't give up for anyone or anything. Neither should my husband or anyone else.

As much as it can be fun to joke about short-lived celebrity weddings, it's hard not to assume there's something truly tragic going on underneath here. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries's 82-day-marriage seemed to end mostly out of idiocy and the relentless pursuit of fame. O'Connor seems to have genuinely married for love, but been unable to quell some demons that made marriage impossible. We wish her well in moving on, and as curious as we might be about what caused the split here, I'm kind of hoping everyone involved gets the privacy they're asking for.

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