Mike Sorrentino is better known as The Jersey Shore’s The Situation. As one of the most popular members of the reality television show, Sorrentino is in a position to be hunted down by distant friends and family looking for a piece of the pie. Given Mike’s personality, it should come as no surprise that his biggest threat has come from his own father, who set up the website TheConfrontationSite.com in order to make a few bucks off of his son’s popularity.

The problem is, other than the obvious, this site pretty much humiliates Mike shamelessly to make money. Truth be told, Mike doesn’t need any help humiliating himself; he does plenty of ridiculous and stupid stuff on national television. The younger Sorrentino has decided to take action against his father in court, according to TMZ, who broke the news that The Situation filed a lawsuit against his father for “using his name and likeness” without permission. He also ran his mouth about his father’s scumbag business partner, which seems like it could (in my admittedly limited knowledge of the law) be seen as libel, but hey, that’s life on the Jersey shore.

Is the whole thing ridiculous? Yes. A grown man who goes by The Situation is suing his father who goes by The Confrontation over an issue of unlicensed likeness. Isn't this why America loves reality television?

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