Will Smith is currently filming the ill-advised Men In Black III in New York City, which is not his usual place of residence (Los Angeles). As such, he could shack up in a hotel for the three months he’ll be in New York, or he could take shelter in a two story trailer that's probably bigger than the home you’re living in right now. Will opted for the latter, and he had to find somewhere to park it. Well, he parked it just outside the film set which apparently is in some sort of a residential area, or at the very least somewhere that people do live in. Parking in a Walmart parking lot wasn’t his original plan, but after complaints from his new neighbors, that may be where Smith has ended up.

The mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg is desperate to find some form of popularity, so when he found out that there was an uproar from the locals, he stepped in, saying, "Why you need a trailer that big? I didn’t know trailers came that big." He then released a statement from the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting, which reads, "To balance the interests of the production and the neighbourhood, we have instructed Men in Black 3 to relocate the trailer to a private lot."

Anyone who lives in the big apple knows that Bloomberg bought his election, so there’s just a hint of irony in him trying to lower himself to the “average joe’s” level by making fun of the luxurious life that Smith leads. According to the New York Post, Will Smith finds the entire thing “hilarious”; which is not terribly hard to believe. The trailer has been moved to a private lot a half-mile from the film-set, so now all the neighbors have to complain about is the existence of the film to begin with.

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