Though Primus haven’t released a record in twelve years, the band has been hard at work touring virtually non-stop the past three. Staying consistant with their touring schedule, in the past two years they’ve been working on a new album. Called Green Naugahyde, you know that Primus is back when their oddly named records bubble up in the media. Let's make this clear, naugahyde is a brand of artificial leather; and how it is involved in their music at all, let alone the band, is left entirely up to interpretation. Or at least Les Claypool’s eccentric consciousness. Claypool is a weird dude, but hell, he makes good music. Bizarre album names aside, when the band released their first single from Naugahyde, many thought the track screamed Primus in a lot of ways, leaving fans and critics alike agreeing that the newest “Tommy the Cat” hit-makers' record would live up to their previous catalog.

Now we get another chance to hear the album, this time in full. Thanks to South Park’s facebook page, fans can now listen to Green Naugahyde before it comes out tomorrow. Why is it on South Park’s facebook page you ask? Well, this past month has been their “year of the fan” and since Primus made the original theme song for the Trey Parker and Matt Stone creation, I guess it’s fitting that they would debut the album there.

In 2000, bassist Les Claypool decided to step down from his seminal band and work on a series of side projects ranging from a cover album of Pink Floyd’s Animals to a funk rock supergroup called Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains that included Claypool, guitarist Buckethead, P-Funk keyboardist Bernie Worrell, and drummer, Brain. Since Claypool’s success as a solo artist kept him from working with his primary group, they didn’t release a new album, play live shows, or do virtually anything for those twelve years.

Les and friends did release their Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People EP in 2003, and toured a handful of shows until 2009, but they weren't around in the public eye until 2010 when they kicked off a US tour. Bands like Portugal. The man and Split Lip Rayfield joined them and brought back attention to the a band that most people though were long gone. It's obvious that this past tour was done solely to get the trio prepared for a trip back to the studio and record Green Naugahyde. It obviously worked, too. All I have to say is this: We’re glad to have you back, Primus.

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