I don’t know about you, but when I picture Spider-Man, I see a short, skinny white dude that’s all sorts of awkward. I thought that before Tobey Maguire took on the role, and I still think that after watching the trailer for the new Andrew Garfield version. Spider-Man’s almost comical paleness is as much apart of him as Superman’s outlandishly G-rated morals are to the Man of Steel. If Marvel has its way though, that WASPy appearance will be synonymous with Peter Parker, not Spider-Man.

According to USA Today, a half-African American, half Hispanic teenager named Miles Morales will be taking over for the deceased Peter Parker in a new series of Ultimate Spider-Man debuting tomorrow but set for an official line in September. Anyone pleased with the alteration can go ahead and send thank you cards to Community’s Donald Glover. The brilliant comedian/ writer openly auditioned and campaigned on Twitter for the movie role when it was casting last year. He never got it, but he did inspire Marvel creators to take a long look at Peter Parker’s replacement. They’d already decided to kill off the character after decades of crime fighting, and Miles Morales slowly took shape from there.

I’m on board. I’ve never really been a big Spider-Man enthusiast. In fact, I’ve kind of hated Peter Parker; so, I’m all for Marvel refashioning a new man to don the costume. That being said, Peter Parker does have his vehement supporters out there, and some may be upset by another wearing his mask. What do you think? Will you give Miles Morales a try or are you too invested in Peter Parker to make a change? Sound off in the poll below…

Will You Give Miles Morales A Chance?

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