If you’ve been keeping up to date with news on Spike Jonze, then you know he’s been a very busy guy. Sure, he's currently not been working on any feature films, but since the Where the Wild Things Are filmmaker took an absence from his movie career, he’s been making a handful of music videos like the companion film for Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs and the Beastie Boys epic action figure music video. Don’t expect this prolific director to stop anytime soon either, because the next music video he’ll be developing will be for the hit single “Otis” from Kane West and Jay-Z’s collaboration Watch The Throne. This is not the first time the filmmaker’s worked with West. He directed the 2009 short film We Were Once A Fairytale, and it stuck a cord with many hip-hop fans. The news of Jonze's return with West came in an interview Jay-Z did with Hot 97.The rapper didn’t give much information as far as what the video will entail, but he did say it is completed.

As many of you know, Spike has quite the background in music videos, directing plenty of clips including but not limited to ones for Tenacious D, Bjork, the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, and R.E.M. His extended list of directorial efforts is so extensive actually, there is no reason to assume at all that this will be any different of an entry into his already spectacular repertoire. With his new movie developing, I am more than happy with his current work in the music world. Jonze brings an amazing imagination to his videos that seems to be lost in most, and as long as he continues in this field, I’ll be happy if his career in Hollywood takes a long halt. Even though I do love his feature's like Adaptation and Being John Malkovich, the music videos that Jonze makes are something very special.

To gather what we might have in store for his next endeavor, check out his previous short film for Kanye West, called We Were Once A Fairytale:

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