Gracefully aging actress Jane Wyatt has died. It happened Friday, the 96-year-old beauty died at home in her sleep of natural causes.

To me she'll always be Spock's mom. She played the part of the woman responsible for the pop culture icon's human half right from the beginning, when the Vulcan's parents first showed up on the original series in 1967 for an episode entitled "Journey to Babel". She also played the part in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, she's the one who asked the newly resurrected Spock how he was feeling. Though he didn't say it, I suspect he was feelin fine.

But her biggest role was without a doubt that of TV wife Margaret Anderson on Father Knows Best. If you're not a Trek geek, that's where you'll know her from. She did 207 episodes of the show and won three best dramatic actress Emmys for her work.

Jane Wyatt had a knack for playing warm, compassionate, serene women. Because of that, even in a small role like that of Spock's mom she was instantly memorable.

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